Support Services

At PSN INFOTECH we are passionate about solving our customer’s problems as soon as they happen. That's because we realize that for all our customers, time really is money. Ultimately, our CRM isn't a tool to service customers-it's a way to see the future. As the world becomes more interrelated, our CRM specialists and operations teams are mapping the future of customer needs and how to best address them.

Call Center Inbound and Outbound       

It takes personnel, training, IT systems, hardware, software, phone systems, a physical location, time and most importantly, money to create and maintain a call center. Whether you need outbound or inbound call services, PSN INFOTECH can provide your business with all the amenities of a fully transparent call center, at a fraction of the cost, without the headaches of operating the facility.

24/7 Answering/Scheduling

Personnel at our call centers are able to work around the clock to contact and accept calls from your customers around the globe. Whether you need calls answered or scheduled, our call center personnel will take care of all your needs, 24/7/365.

24/7 Live Chat

One of the most labor intensive and costly services for a company to provide is 24/7 live chat. Our call center staff is highly educated and quickly trainable, so they can provide solutions to your customer’s needs.

Medical Billing

Contacting insurance companies, submitting claims, answering patient questions about their bills, translating medical conditions into coded statements are just a few of the jobs of a medical biller. It is a laborious, tedious job. To be sure, it’s job for a dedicated professional not additional work for a current member of the office. Let PSN INFOTECHS expert medical billing service solve your medical billing problems.

Clerical Services

Need office help, but aren’t sure whether you have the work or the money to hire full-time help? Check into PSN INFOTECHS clerical services, which include answering phones, making outbound calls, creating spreadsheets, emailing customers, writing letters, etc. We will create a solution to meet your needs.

Legal Processes

Despite the fact that all businesses have legal needs, many companies do not have a full-time legal department because of the cost. However, when your business needs legal help, let PSN INFOTECHS legal department take the case. We can provide for all of your needs, such as legal research, legal transcription, contract writing and review, litigation support, data verification, document review, etc.

Lead Generation

Your Company needs more sales. However, your sales staff is limited because it spends a lot of time managing your existing accounts. On the other hand, you simply can’t hire a lot of sales people. So get the ones you have more prospects. Let PSN INFOTECH do the prospecting and your sales staff do the closing. PSN INFOTECH will generate the leads, enabling your staff to spend more time in front of current and potential new customers.


If you want more business, you have to have more sales. The question is how do you get more sales if you aren’t able to hire more salespeople. The answer is, call PSN INFOTECH. Our sales professionals will generate more sales for your company in a completely transparent manner. Your operation will appear much larger, while costs associated with that larger sales force are smaller. We can take the hassle out of hiring and training salespeople. With less people on-site, your operational, medical and SSI costs are greatly reduced. Plus, our sales staff is college educated and experienced.               


PSN INFOTECH primary function is that of a collection agency. Let us use our full power to recover the money that your company is due for goods and services provided. Our firm, yet fair, professional collectors will work toward a positive resolution of your outstanding accounts. Our services include letter service, credit reporting, skip location, personal/ business financials, credit watch, telephone campaign, legal fees and attorney fees up to litigation.

Customer Service

All of our customer service representatives are professional, pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful. They will make your customers feel welcome; provide them with answers and solutions. Our professional, experienced customer service reps can be hired full-time, part-time, be contracted for a specific period or be available 24/7.

Technical Support

Don’t have the time and/or expenses to hire and train a technical support staff? Take advantage of PSN INFOTECHS technical support outsourcing. Provide us with what your technical support people need to know and we’ll find the right people for the job. Our techies are adept at troubleshooting to figure out solutions your customers’ problems.                 

Product Registration

Your customers purchased your product. Now they need to register that product online, to ensure they have access to product and warranty information or company updates. PSN INFOTECH can create the product registration page and manage the data so you can remain focused on running your business.


Adding new employees, talking old ones off the books, making sure the deductions are correct. Payroll is a time consuming task. You don’t have to be a large company to take advantage of outsourced payroll services. PSN INFOTECHS cost effective payroll service is a great way to eliminate problems and process all your payroll needs.

Data Entry

Data entry is not a job to which your employees look forward. Its labor intensive, time consuming, tedious, sometimes boring work. However, it has to be done correctly, with no mistakes. Our data entry service takes the responsibility away from those at your company who really don’t want to do the work, and puts it in the hands of dedicated professionals. The data is entered correctly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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